Our New And Improved BrandBookie Domain Name Sales Archive.

Welcome to our new and improved BrandBookie Domain Name Sales Archive. We love showing off the data, especially when we're witnessing one of the most influential technological movements of our time.; The Blockchain Movement. 

In this section you will find our data, sourced from, to place heavy scope over the cryptoasset, blockchain and finance industry. 

If you have an interest in the performance of what's been dubbed as a booming crypto domain name era, then we've got all the figures here for you.

If you have any issues with the data, you're welcome to further inspect at our data source, and understand the nature and accuracy of our data is as accurate as we can tell, given that we've simply browsed the databases of the internet, and shared those figures with you here on our website. Please refer to our Service Agreement or contact our team should you have anything to discuss.

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April 2018 - $6,500.00

September 2019 - $140.00

September 2012 - $5799,90

January 2014 - $250,000.00

December 2017 - $28,000.00

February 2019  -  $12,500.00

May 2018 - $5,000.00

November 2019 $23,350.00

August 2009 - 34,000.00

June  2019 - $16,000

June 2013 - 22,270.00

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